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A. Daniel Urzola.


Music has been a fundamental part of my life. Although several options have arisen for my professional future, none of them have surpassed the love I have for music. Performing, producing and arranging have been different ways through which I manifest my passion. But it is especially in composition that I see my greatest professional ambitions.

Latin music has been another of my great delights. I think that this interest has been inherited and nurtured after growing up in a Latin environment; it represents me as a person and is part of my identity. In addition to interpreting it, I take great pleasure in dancing it. As my closest friends know, I defend this Latin 'flavor' by breaking down each of its ingredients: its philosophy and its harmonic and melodic development; I savor each aspect to fully enjoy it and I firmly believe that my interest lies in that it never ceases to amaze me. Every time I try it, I discover new things that excite me and motivate me to spread it and to delight the world with this spectacular banquet.

Daniel Urzola
Berklee College of Music


Soundtracks, both in movies and in videogames, form an important part of my musical delights, but at the same time, they are essential components of my professional motivations. I dream of being a renowned composer of soundtracks, of seeing how my music is brought to the big screen and of being part of the process of seeing my works performed, recorded and implemented in the different media for which they were dreamed.

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